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Author Interview: Kate Gordon

Kate Gordon author

Kate Gordon is the author of Girl Running, Boy Falling.

1) Who is your favourite fictional character? What was your favourite children's book growing up?

My favourite fictional character is Luna Lovegood, from the Harry Potter series. I love how she is just unashamedly herself – strange and flawed and quirky and smart. She is the bravest character in the books, in my opinion, because she not only has to fight the magical villains, but she has to fight off bullies amongst her peers, as well. All while never wavering in her convictions and beliefs. I love her so much.

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Author Interview: Catriona McKeown


Catriona McKeown is the author of Memphis Grace and The Boy in the Hoodie.

1) Who is your favourite character in Memphis Grace?

Traditional answer to the question, who is my favourite character, would be Graceland (the main character). She has a strength and determination that I wish I’d had myself as a teenager. But in reality, I can’t move past the character of Jack. Jack’s innocent way of seeing the world, and his willingness to live in his own world rather than compromise even for a moment, makes him most endearing.

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Author Interview: Marija Poljak

MarijaPoljaksigningMarija Poljak is the author of The Courtyard Children, releasing in October 2020.

1) What inspired you to write The Courtyard Children?

I was inspired to write The Courtyard Children mostly by the listening to the stories and experiences of my family, and what life was like for them growing up in Yugoslavia. But I also wanted to share my experience of what it means to be from Yugoslavia. Quite often I have felt that people outside of Yugoslavia have very limited knowledge of the culture, and unfortunately, they most likely associate the region with war and conflict.

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Author Interview: Lynne Stringer

Lynne Stringer with booksLynne Stringer is the author of The Verindon Alliance, Once Confronted, The Heir, The Crown and The Reign.

1) What inspired you to write The Verindon Alliance?

The Verindon Alliance tells the story of Princess Vashta of the Vendel and Brandonin, the heir to the Verindal throne. They are mentioned several times in my Verindon Trilogy, so I thought it would be a good idea to flesh out the ideas I’d developed in those three books. It covers a crucial part of the history of Verindon, the planet I created, and provides a lot more detail about life there and the wars between the Vendel and the Verindal. I think I managed to incorporate everything I mentioned in the trilogy.

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Author Interview: Rosanne Hawke

rosannehawkewithbooksRosanne Hawke is the author of Dear Pakistan, The War Within, Finding Kerra, Liana's Dance and Zenna Dare. Find out more about Rosanne

1) What inspired you to write the Beyond Borders series?

My children and I played a story game which resulted in me telling a story they wanted. One night my teenage daughter Lenore asked for an adventure set in Afghanistan. An aid worker we knew had been kidnapped there and held hostage in a village. ‘Tell a story like that,’ she said, ‘with a girl like me, teashops, carpets, a nice freedom fighter …’ Afterwards, she told me to write it. ‘I want a book like that, Mum.’ This inspired the beginning of my writing career.

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Author Interview: Kat Colmer

KatSigningKat Colmer is the author of Can't Beat the Chemistry and Remind me Why I'm Here? Find out more about Kat.

1) What inspired you to write Remind Me Why I’m Here?

I’ve always been interested in the fish-out-of-water story concept, so when a sudden image of Maya’s character—an animal-shy girl stuck in the middle of a sheep paddock—appeared to me, I knew I had to write her story. Add farmer boy, Gus, who wishes she’d landed in someone else’s paddock and you have a story canvas full of interesting possibilities.


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